Builder Babar: Hi Kadi yea the job is done. I must sincerely give Barby a big clap cos of his prompt attention to attend to things and his human relations. He is the best so far. Say a big well done and thank you to him for him. Thanks for your kind prompt action always too  

- Miss Olu

  You guys are absolutely amazing with your fast service In maintenance. Whenever any issues arise it has been dealt with quick and professional manner. We have been living almost 8 years and we are very happy with your service and maintenance. Really appreciate that. Thank you   

- Mr Shamim Chowdhury

  We've been with AJ Dwellings for many years now and we have always found the staff to be capable, friendly, and accessible. Shout out to Kudeja and Ms Jolly who are extremely helpful.  

- Debbie

  Excellent care given by AJ Dwelling staff and owner, always very instant to attend any complaint or issue by clients. Likewise with landlord notes.Always getting me best deals for repairs, and helping with refurbishing and modernaising my properties.The service is so Good and Professional, convinced me to buy more and more properties.  

- Mr Omar Shibi

  I have been with AJ for approximately 6 years,I have always found them caring and helpful..I am happy to leave my property’s and tenants in their hands.B.Raine.  

- Mrs Raine

  Inredible service, i'm well pleased with the response. i will recommend any day.  

- Mr Alex

  I have been with Aj for approximately 6 years, I have always found them very helpful in all aspects of my lettings with them. Brenda Raine.  

- Mrs Raine

  This company from the boss through to office staff and maintenance are in this day and age a breath of fresh air. Honest Reliable reasonable and efficient all the things a landlord needs I would highly reccomend them  

- Mr Stanley Perry

  AJ Dwellings, as a team and all the individuals, all are absolutely amazing and extremely helpful.  My rent is never late, it goes to my account on the last day of the month and even when my property is empty, I keep getting my rent regardless. My property needed some work done and the estimate I got from AJ Dwellings was lower than any other estimate I had from othe  

- Mr Zia

  AJ Dwellings have been managing my property for the last 5 years and i cant recommend highly enough.. They are well organised and will ensure all legal requirements are fulfilled, will look after your property and arrange upkeep maintenance, handle the tenants including difficult ones and where a license is needed liaise with the council to get audits completed and en  

- Mr Wasim