Selling Process

1 Valuation of the property

We understand that the vendor wants to sale their property at the best possible price in the shortest time.

Our in depth valuations and knowledge of property values in your area will aim to achieve the highest possible asking price hence making AJ DWELLINGS by Property Depot Limited one the best agents in town in achieving the asking price/ best price.

2 Choose an Agent

Choose an agent that has been highly recommended, an agent that has the ability to sale properties within a short period of time. An agent you feel comfortable with and who can understand your needs/ requirements as vendor.

3 Make your property look good & present it well

First impressions count so we must ensure the property is in good standards to attract buyesr. Make sure property is set to go and a fresh coat of white paint will make the rooms look fresh and larger.

4 Market & advertise the property to find a buyer

Marketing your property with AJ DWELLINGS by Property Depot Limited benefits the property to go live on our website all other portals i.e rightmove etc generating maximum leads vis email and phone calls.

5 Carry out viewings

Accompanied viewing helps us understand the vendors requirements. Buyers will have built up a good relationship with us and so will naturally feel more comfortable with us. When they’re more open and honest, they’re more likely to present us with objections, which means that we can overcome them there and then. as an estate agent we often pick up on features and benefits of a client’s home that they hadn’t even considered. Sometimes when you see the same four walls every single day, you tend to stop noticing things. A good estate agent with a fresh pair of eyes will have a new enthusiasm for your property, pick out all the best features and be able to communicate those to potential buyers.

6 Receive offers and accept an offer

All offers will be reported both verbally and in writing and we will check all offers for their validity and ask for proof of funds. We will also conduct checks under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Money Laundering Regulations 2003 and ensure that any mortgage offer is verified. In the case of multiple offers, we will advise you on the best course of action.

Where there is a chain in place, we will endeavour to validate all parts of the chain for their robustness and confirm timescales. We will always try to achieve the best possible price for your home and act in your best interests throughout the transaction.

Before an offer is agreed we will check the buyer’s ability to purchase a property. We can also contact the buyer’s personal mortgage adviser to confirm their financial commitment. This mitigates the risk of a purchase falling through.

At the point of a sale being agreed, we will liaise with both your solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor and prepare the memorandum of sale and we will write to all parties confirming the agreed details of the sale.

Your solicitor will request the title deeds from the lender (if appropriate). The solicitor will prepare the draft contract, which details the terms of the sale, and send it to the buyers’ solicitor together with all relevant documents. The buyer’s solicitor will then start the preliminary checks. The Title Deeds and Lease (if applicable) will be checked and local searches carried out.

Remember that in England an offer is not legally binding, so until contracts have exchanged your buyer could change their minds without financial loss.

7 Instruct a solicitor and send sales memorandum

You need to choose a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the legal work to transfer ownership of the property. To ensure as few delays as possible, you should decide which one you want to use before you agree the sale of your house – but you can obviously only instruct them after you have agreed an offer

If you are also buying a new home, it is a lot easier and cheaper to use the same conveyancer or solicitor to do both transactions

8 Exchange of contracts

Once the contract has been signed by both parties the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) will be telegraphically transferred or paid in the form of a banker's draft by the buyer's solicitor to your solicitor. The completion date is then set by mutual agreement. When you exchange contracts with the buyer you become legally committed to selling the property – and they are legally committed to buying it from you If you pull out after this without due reason, the buyer’s deposit will be returned to them.

9 Completion

Completion is when the property changes ownership, you accept payment, and hand over the keys, it takes place on a previously agreed date and usually at midday on the day of completion, the money is transferred and the deeds of the property are transferred between each side’s solicitor or conveyancer. Your solicitor/conveyancer will register the transfer of ownership with the Land Registry.

Congratulations, your property is now sold!