Landlord Process

1 Make your property look good & present it well

First impressions count so we must ensure the property is in good standards to attract tenants. Make sure property is set to go and a fresh coat of white paint will make the rooms look fresh and larger.

2 Valuation of the property

We understand that the Landlord wants to rent their property at the best possible price in the shortest time.

Our in depth valuations and knowledge of property values in your area will aim to achieve the highest possible rent hence making AJ DWELLINGS by Property Depot Limited one the best agents in town in achieving the asking price/ best price.

3 Choose an agent

Choose an agent that has been highly recommended, an agent that lets out properties within a short period of time. An agent you feel comfortable with and who can understand your needs/ requirements as a landlord. This is essential because if you rent your property to the agent to manage they will be your first point on contact so communication is a must.

Decide whether you want to let your property short/ long term, are looking for an introduction service only, are looking to give property on management or on a rent guarantee scheme. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

Introduction only:
Where we introduce tenants to you, obtain references, prepare tenancy agreement, perform reference checks, obtain one-month advance rent, security deposit, move the tenants into the property and then the landlord deals with tenant thereafter. The fee for the service is 2 weeks of the first month’s rent. 

Full Management:
Same as above plus we will be first point of contact for any hassle, repairs etc. Rent will be collected and paid into the landlords account. The fee for this service is 2 weeks of first month’s rent plus 10 % monthly management fee.

Sole Agency:
We will be the sole agents for 7 days to find tenants for your property, the fee for this service will be reduced to 1 week of the first month’s rent. If managed as well then monthly management fee of 10% is charged.

Rent collection:
Only rent will be collected from tenant and deposited into the landlords account. The fee for this service is 2 weeks of rent plus 6% of the monthly rent.

Rent Guarantee:
Rent will be paid whether the property is vacant or occupied, the fee for this service is 2 week’s rent plus we will keep a margin of 25% of the gross rent each month subject to terms & conditions. This is a hassle free option for the landlord with piece of mind as you do not need to worry about void periods.

4 Market your property to find tenants & Carry out viewings

The property is added to our register and is accessed by all staff, advertisements are placed, particulars are produced and distributed to waiting tenants and the property is automatically placed on the internet with several portals for maximum exposure i.e. Rightmove etc.
Accompanied viewings to ensure that it is presented to tenants in the most effective and desirable way and to answer any questions that they may have about renting your property.

5 Accept offer

When a tenant wants to make an offer to rent the property we will contact you to confirm the details and any specific requirements. We agree these provisionally ‘subject to contract’ before we progress an application. The provisional details will include the rent payable, tenancy deposit due, planned start date, duration of the letting and any special requests or terms together with brief details of the prospective tenant’s current employment. Arrange signing of tenancy

6 Tenants moved in – property completed

Once all the tenancy administration arrangements are complete, we will let your new tenants know that the keys are ready for collection.

On the move in date the keys will be handed over to the inventory team.